About Liquidzing

February 23, 2022

LIQUIDZING starts with the mission of “Filtering Fast,Drinking Safe”,has worked tirelessly and steadily in water filter industry many years for the purpose of peopling getting the easiest access to clean water in the open air,with its unique water filtration system and unmatched filtration capacity.

LIQUIDZING focuses on technical innovation, and owns several deep purification cutting-edge patented technologies.

LIQUIDZING is exploring more possibilities in water purification filed without rest,expecting that one day everyone can get clean drinkable water from anywhere even seas.

At present, the team mainly focuses on graphene medical water purification engineering services, household water purification devices, graphene seawater desalination devices, graphene industrial sewage treatment engineering services, graphene intelligent far-infrared physiotherapy series products (heating murals, physiotherapy shawls, U-shaped pillows, heating belts, hand warmers, palace warmers, etc.), graphene solar cells (photoelectric conversion in rainy and low-light environments), graphene lithium battery anode materials, graphene water-based anti-corrosion coatings, graphene absorbing materials, graphite Graphene drug carrier, graphene artificial bone, graphene heart stent material, nano antibacterial bandage products, graphene stab-proof clothing, graphene nanofiber and other fields to carry out a series of research and development and product services.